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Hotlink Management - Workflow Guide

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Torbjörn Kjellström
For someone else
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▶︎ Format: PDF
▶︎ Level: advanced
▶︎ Pages: 21

This guide explains the methods to maintain large, repetitive, or special parts of the BIM model in the form of hotlinks.

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This workflow guide explains the methods advanced users have developed to maintain large, repetitive, or specially designed parts of the BIM model in the form of hotlinks. We also discuss the effects on the performance for the techniques that are included in this paper. The document’s scope of hotlinks in a BIM model is a complex topic suited for BIM Managers though in this document we will try to make it accessible to those with less experience.

Table of Contents

    • About hotlinks

    • Hotlink techniques

    • Hotlinks in detail

    • Special considerations

    • Best practices

    • Appendix

Here is the course outline:

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