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Archicad 22 and COBie 2.4 - Workflow Guide

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Torbjörn Kjellström
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▶︎ Format: PDF
▶︎ Level: advanced
▶︎ Pages: 66

This workflow guide provides detailed information that will assist designers and information managers in creating COBie sheets.

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COBie is the abbreviation of Construction-Operations Building information exchange, a specification used in the handover of Facility Management information. The COBie standard was originally developed in the US, and BS 1192-4 represents the UK implementation of COBie. However, both the COBie Responsibility Matrix and the NBIMS-US V3 standard documentation provide significant additional useful technical information for implementation. COBie provides a common structure for the exchange of information about new and existing facilities, including both buildings and infrastructure. It is a spreadsheet data format for the delivery of a subset of building model information, rather than geometric model information. Although GRAPHISOFT Archicad cannot export COBie spreadsheets directly, Archicad’s BIMquality models and IFC data exchange capabilities produce data output that can be easily converted into COBie documentation, with the help of free or commercial conversion programs.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Workflow - project preparation, importing provided template material

  • Key to tables of this guide

  • Workflow - data export

  • Workflow - COBie spreadsheet creation

  • Appendix

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